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Last day of Januari

This is not another blog: Last day of Januari

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of Januari

Hey guys! How was your day? My day consists of school, school and school. I had such a long day, but luckily, we had three ours PE. The tests are coming up, so i really have to study but daaaamn, i cannot concentrate. There are so much other things to do. It all seems so attractive when you have to study..
Like online shopping. Or watching series. Or listening to music. Or reading blogs. Or, like almost everything! Little sis and me ordered some things, but i'll show you  when they are delivered. Can't wait! ♥

My father cooked this evening, Brussel sprouts, bleeehh disgusting! I don't know if they are typical Dutch food, but i think they are awful.

It is already the last day of Januari. Time flies, can't believe new years eve is almost a month ago.
I hope the rest of 2013 is gonna be just as good as the first month!

Sweater  Zara // Blouse  Atmosphere // Jeans  Kaporal 5 // Shoes  Atmosphere



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