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Neon pink, light up my day!

This is not another blog: Neon pink, light up my day!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Neon pink, light up my day!

Goodmorning y'all! Finally weekend, what are you going to do? These pictures are from yesterday, but  i didn't had the time to blog them. I love the neon-trend! It makes me feel cheerful on a rainy day like this. At first i was wearing heels, as you can see on the pictures. But then i realised we had a rehearsel for the schoolplay that afternoon and believe me, having a rehearsel on 11cm high heels is horrible! So i decided to change them for a pair of rainboots, who are actually a lot more appropriate with this weather.

Well, time for a power brunch with yoghurt and fresh fruit! I really need the energy to go study for my french (and other) tests this week... 

Wish me luck!

With Marjolein, during our free period yesterday

Leather jacket  Atmosphere // Skirt  H&M // Top  DIY // Heels  H&M // Rainboots  Winner // Beanie  H&M



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