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About tests, 101 Dalmatians, snow and more!

This is not another blog: About tests, 101 Dalmatians, snow and more!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About tests, 101 Dalmatians, snow and more!

Hellooooo! Just had the weirdest biology test ever. There where pages missing, including at least 50% of the questions. Normally i nead two hours to finish the test, but i passed this one in half an our. Now i'm crossing my fingers and hope that the results are good. Economics went well, i think/hope so...
I should be studying for English and History right now but hey, blogging is a sort of learning English right? Just like watching series and reading other blogs. BTW, what do you think of my new bag, cute isn't it? It's kind of a nostalgia cause it looks like the 101 Dalmatians, my favourite movie when a was little.
Today there was snow, again, soo nice! The most awesome moment is when somebody gets hit in the face by a snowball, except when that faces is mine...  
Well, time to get back to studying, ciao!

P.S. Don't know what's wrong with, but i can't get my pictures in the right place and it's working on my nerves!

Sweater  H&M // Leggings  Zara // Shoes  Nature Breeze // Bag  H&M // Necklace and bracelet  HEMA

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