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Hellooooooo WEEKEND!

This is not another blog: Hellooooooo WEEKEND!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hellooooooo WEEKEND!

Hey guys! Do you already have a hangover because of the carnival or haven't you celebrate it? Too bad they don't have carnival in my town... Anyway, it's weekend, finally! Last week was killing with al those tests. Only one to go and i'm done, sounds good. Yesterday was our first hockeytraining after a short break, and it was so good to be back on the field (or in this case, the gym because of the snow and rain).

A few days ago, i got an email from a fashion student on the University of Wales Newport. She asked me some questions about my style for a schoolproject, so nice!

Where do you find the inspiration when wearing your clothes?

I find inspiration for my outfits in almost everything: series, blogs, magazines and websites, but especially from people on the streets. I love streetstyle! It's much more personal then the haute couture you see in the runwayshows and people can show who they really are by discovering their own style.
What inspires you to dress different?
I started reading fashionwebsites etc. and became a little jealous because of the awesome style some people have. Original but still fashionable, and i asked myself 'how can i do that?' I like to discover my own style and being experimental. Just do it!
Hope you will all have a nice weekend!

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