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Long live us: behind the scenes!

This is not another blog: Long live us: behind the scenes!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Long live us: behind the scenes!

Hey! Sorry, i've been soo incredibly busy last days and this is also a quick post, but i want to show you some pictures of the play we just performed. We've rehearsed for months, but today was the day! We've been at school from 8.30 AM until 11 PM to rehearse, sound check, rehearse, eat, rehearse, wash the dishes and rehearse again. Anyway, tonight was great! Didn't think it will turn out this well. These are behind the scenes pictures but i will show you the pictures of the play as soon as possible. Compliments for the technicians, stylists, visagists, people who made the set , and of course, the cast! Thanks guys, it was awesome! 
I'm gonna take a shower and wash my hair. It feels like plastic because of all the hairspray, but it was definitly worth it. Sleepwell y'all! x

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