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Sleepover with Manon

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sleepover with Manon

Hiiiii, this vacation was crazy busy but AWESOME. Last days excist of sleepovers, birthdays and parties. Can't be better! Yesterday was Leonie's 16th birthday so we had a nice afternoon with a few girls to celebrate it. After that, Manon and me went to my home and we had a typical "Manon and Sara" mood, which means: singing stupid songs (One Direction was our favorite this time), doing stupid dancemoves and laugh till our stomach hurts. We went to a pub to have some drinks in the evening, watched Pretty Little Liars + Legally Blonde and made toast with smoothies. 
Now i'm babysitting and watching The Princess and the Frog, yeaaah buddy! No way that there is anything more boring to do on a saturday night than that, but at least now i can catch up my lack of sleep. Time for a powernap! Love x



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