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This is not another blog: May 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


SUMMER IS BACK IN TOWN finally, finally, finally, finally. Ok. Enough excitement, tomorrow it will be raining again. But for now, it's all so good. Sun, music, summerclothes, hanging with friends, la la la life is good.

Those pictures are from yesterday's outfit but I didn't had the time to post them.
Everytime a little sunshine appears, my brain gets overexcited and forces me to immediately GRAB some shorts and sleeveless tops and get dressed like it's mid-summer. Like today. When i thought everyone will be dressed like mid-summer because of the sun, but it turned out i was the only overexcited person.

Guess my brain was a little overwhelmed yeaterday by those 14cm high beauties, and forgot to send the signal for WEAR SHORTS, so i just wore my high waisted Asos jeans. Well, that's fine with me. 
Maybe you recognize this top from an earlier post. A while ago, I posted a wishlist with stuff i wanted to have for te summer, like this cropped top. When Anne and I were shopping in Utrecht a few weeks ago, I saw it at H&M and couldn't resist buying it. Aaaand, i can tell you that ...*drum beats*... my little sister is the proud owner of the platforms I wrote about in that same post. Well, that's kind of an anticlimax but still. Think i'm gonna practice my angelical face and ask little sis if I may borrow them sometimes.

Oh damn, just realised I had a blogchallenge to fulfill... I completely forgot to post about it. But it wil be on the blog later this week, promise!

Lots of love,


Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm writing this post while lying on the couch. Sooo really tired because of work, but more important, LEIDEN. It was awesome! Manon and i were staying at my cousins student flat. We got a day off to visit the university  (instead of going to school) so we decided to use the opportunity to discover the student life (or actually, the festivities).
We used our iPhone navigation to find our way through the city by night, but the only result was us walking around like flibbertijibbets (yeah that's right, i've been watching The Sound of Music lately). Well, it wasn't a pity actually. I love Leiden at night! The canals, bridges, old little houses and the fact that the centre is completely taken over by students make Leiden one of the cosiest cities in the Netherlands. Like last night, when two guys were walking around dressed like santa Claus and no one gave a damn, coool haha!

It was so weird but nice to walk around like a student, while my mother was a student there almost 30 years ago. Walking through the same streets, going to the same university. Following my mothers footsteps for one day.
Can't wait to go to college for real. Only one year of high school to go until life will start for real. Having my own 'house', making my own rules, going to college, meeting awesome new people and of course the student scene, which we discovered a little last days. 
Hip hip hooray to my cousin for letting us stay and Leiden, we'll be back soon! 

Lots of love,

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Color Spectrum

Hi guys! These outfitpictures are taken a few days ago, sunday, but i didn't had the time to post them yet. At Whitesun, my father was hosting a brunch so my mother decided to take me and my little brother/sisters to have a family dinner at my grandparents. For the first time since days, there was actually some sunshine! Too bad it was short of duration, cause the weather stays bad here. I want to move to a very sunny and hot country. NOW.
Yesterday, our PE class was outside while it was raining and since we were completely frozen, Manon Leonie and i decided to make some hot chocolat with everything chocolat we were able to find in the kitchen, including chocolat sprinkles and icing mix. Jummy!

Isn't this little clutch cute? My mom bought it when she was going to college. And since i'm too scared to put my phone in my pocket, i needed to have a little clutch who suits with everything, so this one is perfect.

For the last time, i'm really into those high waisted jeans. They fit so much better than low waisted jeans, with the additional benefit that you don't have to raise you're jeans every time you sit down/stand up.

Oh and what about this awesome sunglasses? I was looking for some eyecatching sunglasses when i saw these at H&M and immediately fell in love.
About the shoes, well, they're Dr. Martens, do i need to say more?

As you can see at those pictures, i found out how to blur the background! I'm one of those poor bloggers who doesn't have a super cool reflex camera (yeah i have some, but they're analog) so my pictures usually look like crap because of the annoying backgrounds. (Maybe they still look like crap without, but that's your opinion.) Anyway, i still have to practice a little but i'm glad with the result!
Last but not least, this cute pic with my lovely little sis, who is my outfit photographer most of the time. There are actually some moments we can live without fighting. Sometimes. Once in about hundred years. But we still love each other though. 
Tomorrow, Manon and i are going to Leiden, we're definitely gonna have so much fun, yeaaah!

Lots of love,

Shirt  Forever21 // Jeans  Cheap Monday // Necklace  New Yorker // Shoes  Dr. Martens


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Heeii! Maybe you've seen a blogchallenge like this on other blogs and you're getting a little tired of it. Well, sorry for you, i'm still doing one. But i didn't like the idea of having a 30 days long challenge cause that will be boring, so i decided to pick 10 subjects to post about. 

Let's see what you can expect the next few weeks!
Day 1 - Meaning of my blog name
Day 2 - Weird things I do when I'm alone
Day 3 - My fears
Day 4 - My day in pictures
Day 5 - Clothes I wore when I was young
Day 6 - My views on religion
Day 7 - Where I like to be in 10 years
Day 8 - Ten songs that pop up when my playlist is on shuffle
Day 9 - Five strenghts and weaknesses I have
Day 10 - Something I wanted when I was young.

Oh and about this random picture, i found it when i was looking for pictures to put in frames.
It was taken last year, when Emmelie and i were painting her room and decided to have a paint-fight haha. Miss those good times so bad!

I'll try to post two times a week about this challenge. Excided to read more? 

Lots of love,


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist ASOS

Oh boy, i just found out it's possible to pay with iDeal on Asos. Couldn't resist the temptation to try if it's working. Lucky for me (but unlucky for my purse) it is.
I was able to control the damage and only buy things who were on my wishlist for a very long time now:

- This amazing sheer skirt from American Apparel! I wanted a skirt like this since i saw it on a blog last       year, but never had the guts to buy it because i didn't knew how to wear it without looking like a hooker. Until i saw Jessica Stroup wearing it in 90210, with flowered shorts underneath, áwesome!

- I was actually looking for this type of sandals in blue when i came across those. Aren't they cute?  And those heels, oh gosh, they make me more than 1.90m, almost like the BFG! They're actually from New Look but Asos is selling them.

- Last but not least, this high waisted acid washed jeans from ASOS. I was looking for the perfect high
waisted jeans ánd for the perfect acid washed jeans, and this one has both. Moreover, the legs of this jeans are extra long, so i finally won't have an unintentional ankle jeans, yeah.

Lots of shopping this month, and it's only half way, plus there's probably a trip to the Primark planned next week. Well, let's blame it on the Spring Fever!



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Lucky One

This adorable little package was in my mailbox yesterday and for me, it's almost more than 'just a package'. It's the evidence of me winning something. And me winning isn't something that happens very often.

There are only two times i clearly remember: first when i was about four years old. I had won a LEGO farm at the bakery's drawing competition. Second time was when i was about seven years old, a drawing competition (again) with a Winnie the Pooh backpack as price. Guess i was a very creative kid back in time...

I still remember how happy i was when i won those competitions. Especially because my parents always tell me it's a one in a million chance to win. But the moment they tell you that you've won, the "i feel good tududududududu" tune starts playing in my head. And yeah, of course, i won some other things like jumpings or games, but i'll always clearly remember those two competitions. 

Pauline (from Fashionosaur) thanks for your awesome present! 

Are you one of those who's always a lucky one, or more like "Les Miserables" (figuratively speaking, of course)?

Lots of love,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothersday!

Happy Mothersday! What did you guys planned to make this day special for your mom? I'm nominated for the position of chef the cuisine (that's the benefit of having a daughter who works in a restaurant, although i'm only a waitress). Tonights menu is mushroompie and Crema Catalana, nomnomnom.

The skirt i'm wearing today is a skirt a friend got from her aunt and then she gave it to me, and i love it! Isn't it cute. 

I was searching for a nice polkadot skirt for a while and this one is perfect! Although i love this outfit, i better change before cooking because the kitchen (including me) always turns into a total mess. Most of the time, my mother cleans it up after, but that's not working today.

Last Monday, this necklace finally arrived from China. It's from Clothingloves and i immediately fell in love when i saw it. Ok, the normal statement necklaces are cool too, but i love this one because of it's originality. And the springfeeling, i mean, what's more spring than birds singing? 
I'm wearing the necklace with the skirt and shirt from Zara and some classic tie up shoes with high heels to complete the look. 

Well, what do you think about this look?



Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbye Blackberry, helloooooo iPhone!

Helloooo y'all! Previously i told you about my new telephone but i decided that my darling deserves his own post. You can't believe how happy i am, after having my crappy old Blackberry for more than three years. Ok, when i bought my Blackberry i also felt like a little girl who just got an icecream (because it was my first smartphone with whatsapp and stuff) but for the last months, it was slowly dying.

And i have to admit, it's so nice to have a quick phone, the iOS system is very convenient. Finally apps like Instagram, Bloglovin and Lookbook on my phone, there's only one problem: i'm already addicted to it.
Oh and another one, i'm soooo scared to get damage, even with a screenprotector and a case, that shimmy shiney screen is staring at me like 'hey boss, i know you're gonna attack me and i will die". And i'm just like "yeah baby, you're right, it's only a matter of time..."

So, if there is somebody who knows a website or store where you can buy awesome cases, let me know. For now, have a good night y'all! ♥ 



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY | Flower Crown

Two DIY's in one week, think i just broke my record... Anyway, i'm having a two-weeks vacation so there's enough time to do some nice DIY's!
Today, i'll show how you can easy make a nice flower crown. Some people love them and others think they look ridicoulous, but i think they are super cool! I mean, when you see those way-too-awesome Coachella pictures and you're just sitting on the couch, grieving because you weren't able to go, you still have your flower crown right?
But when i'm old, rich and famous (yeah, that's never gonna happen), the first thing i do is taking my private yet to the festival and stay there the entier time. My favorite bands, cool people, nice weather and did you see those pictures of the area? I almost got lost...

I was a little too enthousiastic this morning buying flowers. It was so hard to choose, i ended up coming home with waaaay too much flowers.

Well, enough with the talk, let's start fixing it!
What you need:
          ♥ Iron wire
          ♥ Silk flowers
          ♥ Tweezers

1. Measure the size of your head by wrapping a measuring tape around your head. Use a thick iron wire to create a circle with the size of your head. This is the foundation of your crown.

2. Pick out some flowers you want to have on your crown and make an arrangement. Wrap the stems around the iron wire. You can use glue to get them extra tied, but in my case, just wrapping them was enough.

3. Wrap flowers around the iron wire until there isn't any free space left if you want a crown with flowers all around your head. If you only want flowers in the front, use some tape in the back to cover the iron wire. 

And when you think it looks a bit too outstanding: don't be shy and go out, wear this crown like your the princess of May! 

Goodluck, and don't forget to show me your crowns!

Lots of love ♥


Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh Snap!

Hi guys! For the second time this week, i took the train to Utrecht, this time to go shopping with Anne. The sun was shining and it almost felt like summer, perfect weather to wear shorts and this backless top!
We bought so much about which i will tell you more later, but i am especially in love with my new iPhone 4S. ♥ Feels like heaven after using my old Blackberry for years. As you can see, i am wearing my Dr. Martens (again). Those boots are made for walking, i almost wish i was able wearing them in my bed... And speaking about my bed, i think i am gonna go to it. Goodnight! x

By the way, you can find the DIY tutorial for the shorts here. What do you think about this outfit?
 Top  Forever 21 // Shorts  DIY // Boots  Dr. Martens // Sunglasses  Ray Ban


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY | How I made my Q-day top

Let's end this first day of May with a brand new DIY tutorial! Yesterday, we Dutchies celebrated Queensday (about which i will tell you more later) and i wore my self-made flag-printedtop. When i woke up  yesterdaymorning, i still had nothing to wear and it's kind of a tradition here to dress up in our national colors  red/white/blue or orange. But i'm really impulsive, which was handy this time, and decided to do a quick DIY and make my own Queensday top in less than an hour. Yeaaah, i can do that, and so do you!

1. Take an old, big tee (i used one of my fathers).
2. Cut off the sleeves, neck and a few centimetres of the bottom.
3. Cut a big V at the back of your tee and make the gaps for your arms larger. 
4. Use the string you cutted of the bottom to tie the two shoulder-straps together and wrap them a few times. I also made the top high-low by folding it in two and cutting it in a curve. (Sorry, forgot to take a picture...)
5. Use a flat brush to paint your flag. You can choose to make another print of course.
6. Print out a picture of the crown and draw the lines.
TADAAAA, here's your own Queensdaytop! (and you can wear it on 5th may too)