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This is not another blog: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Favorite singer of Februari: Lana del Rey

Maybe you recognize her characterizing voice. Some people think it's awful, but i totally like it! She has an unique voice, dark and a little bit smokey. I can endlessly listen to her album 'Born to Die' and, when I have my playlist on shuffle, it goes most of the time to one of her songs. What a coincidence!
Do you like Lana del Rey?


 By the way, i received my first sponsored product today, so you can look forward to an advertorial. My first advertorial, yay i'm excited!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unposted pictures!

Hiiii! I was searching through my computer when i found this pictures Elise took a while ago. I have to say that i miss my hair a little... The pictures were meant as some test shots before we started taking pictures with the angel wings, and also for the DIY tutorial i wanted to make for this jeans blouse. And yes, i promise, i'll make that tutorial later this week! When i've found my usb-stick with the pictures, which i lost, again... I already turned my room upside down and still haven't found it. Any ideas where it can be hiding? ☹
Damn, why am i so chaotic...?

Studded shirt  Zara // Jeans blouse  DIY 
Velvet leggings  Action // Boots  Nature Breeze


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sleepover with Manon

Hiiiii, this vacation was crazy busy but AWESOME. Last days excist of sleepovers, birthdays and parties. Can't be better! Yesterday was Leonie's 16th birthday so we had a nice afternoon with a few girls to celebrate it. After that, Manon and me went to my home and we had a typical "Manon and Sara" mood, which means: singing stupid songs (One Direction was our favorite this time), doing stupid dancemoves and laugh till our stomach hurts. We went to a pub to have some drinks in the evening, watched Pretty Little Liars + Legally Blonde and made toast with smoothies. 
Now i'm babysitting and watching The Princess and the Frog, yeaaah buddy! No way that there is anything more boring to do on a saturday night than that, but at least now i can catch up my lack of sleep. Time for a powernap! Love x


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Primark Spring 2013: my favorites!

Hi! Maybe you've seen the new Primark collection already, maybe you've not. Anyway, i love it!  The colors, patterns and fabrics are colorful, with studs and spikes as a finishing touch. You can see more of the collection here, but i'll show you my favorites. It was hard to choose cause i like almost every piece of this collection, but finally, after a hard time thinking and deleting, i made a selection, which you can see below. Too bad there isn't a Primark in my neighbourhood and they don't have a shop online... L

Have you seen the Primark Spring collection? What's your favorite piece?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stay the night with grandma and grandpa

Hello from Nieuw-Lekkerland! Little sis and i arrived this morning at our grandparents house. Such a long time ago i stay the night here. Good to be back and away from all the fuss at school and get some rest. After all, that's why they call it vacation right?☺We did some foodshopping with grandpa (who really likes cookies), so i think i'm good for the rest of the days. Grandma is indulging us and we are playing old school boardgames. I have to say, they are actually really hip, they have cellphones, computers and even a tablet, but right now, grandma is teaching me how to knit. We are just practicing, but i saw some awesome DIY patterns on the internet and i definitely want to try them out! Think i'm gonna treat myself with a hot, foaming bath this evening.  Since we moved, we don't have a bath anymore...
Tomorrow is gonna be fun, we are going to The Hague and Scheveningen. I've been there a few times (even with a sailboat), but it's always nice to go a day out with my grandparents.
Well, i have to go, i'm sooo gonna beat them with goose board!

Hat  H&M // Leggings  HEMA // Sweater  H&M // Shoes  van Haren 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Helloooo new haircut!

I did it! I cut my hair for the Haarwensen foundation! I woke up yesterday morning and has nothing to do, so i called the hairdresser and made an appointment. Puck (my sister) went with me so wasn't on my own. The hairdresser made a hair braids, took a scissors and in less then a minute, i was a short hair girl instead of a long hair girl. But i like it, i actually like it! The reactions are various, some people are like "what the hell where you thinking?!" but others think it looks nice. Well, they don't have to like it and i know i make some children very happy with my hair. What do you think of it?

Tomorrow, my youngest sister and are going to my grandparents for some days, so it's time to pack my stuff.
See you soon! x 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

No better way to start spring break...

...  than with food, friends and family! Goodmorning y'all, i woke up this morning with the awesome feeling that i have nothing to do and don't have to study. Can't be better! Spring break has started and we celebrated it yesterday with a family dinner. I looooove sushi! Sadly, i'm the only one in the family so we don't eat it very often. And the dessert, oooh it was so delicious. Chocolate fountains, fresh fruit, ice cream, pancakes and so much more. Feels like heaven! ♥ Enough about the food, i still don't get how i stay slim with my eating habits...  
Just made an appointment with the hairdresser to cut my hair this afternoon. (You can read more about it here). It's really gonna happen, and i'm a little bit scared. I'm thinking of a haircut like Jessica Stroup's in 90210, what do you think? Hope they don't shave me bold accidentally....
Time to get dressed and go to the hairdresser. Fingers crossed!  

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cheers to the freakin' vacation!

YEAAAAAH! It's finally vacation, time to relax after some crazy weeks at school. Tonight we are having a traditional family dinner to celebrate the start of a vacation. We are going to wok restaurant so i think someone has to roll me home tonight cause i eat too much...
I made this fringed top myself. First it was an old zara tee but it was very baggy and old fashioned, so i cut it on the bottom and made a cropped fringed top of it. Turned out really well, i think!
Hope you all had a nice day!

 Top  DIY // Blazer  Mango // Leggings  Zara // Shoes  Nature Breeze

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Long live us: behind the scenes!

Hey! Sorry, i've been soo incredibly busy last days and this is also a quick post, but i want to show you some pictures of the play we just performed. We've rehearsed for months, but today was the day! We've been at school from 8.30 AM until 11 PM to rehearse, sound check, rehearse, eat, rehearse, wash the dishes and rehearse again. Anyway, tonight was great! Didn't think it will turn out this well. These are behind the scenes pictures but i will show you the pictures of the play as soon as possible. Compliments for the technicians, stylists, visagists, people who made the set , and of course, the cast! Thanks guys, it was awesome! 
I'm gonna take a shower and wash my hair. It feels like plastic because of all the hairspray, but it was definitly worth it. Sleepwell y'all! x

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mondays aren't all that bad

Hi! Today was my last test, which means i'm finally done, YEEAAAHH! Count down untill the start of the vacation, only 5 days to go! Manon and i were so happy that we have been singing a stupid carnival song all day, and i can't get it out of my head anymore. But we had a lot of fun, and this monday wasn't as bad as most mondays are.
The white shirt is actually my little sister's and she had the great idea to decorate it with some spikes on the collar! The perfect example of changing an old shirt in a fancy new one. The only thing you need is a shirt, some spikes, a finger crown and yarn. Well done sis! ♥
I had a meeting with a photographer this afternoon and i was soooo nervous! We talked about our cooperation and i'm gonna be one of his models for a photography course he is going to give. As much as nervous i am right now, it seems kinda fun and i can't wait! So actually, this monday wasn't bad at all (besides from my bad grade for my English exam, but let's don't talk about that...)
And you, do you hate mondays or aren't they that bad for you either?

Pants  H&M // Sweater  Zara  //  Blouse with spiked collar  DIY // Heels  H&M

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