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This is not another blog

This is not another blog: April 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My life in pictures #1

HELLOOOOOO Sorry for not posting but i was busy with school, work and other stuff. Now it's vacation, HELL YEAH! No school for two weeks, can't be better!
This is my first 'My life in pictures' post. I really like reading those posts on other blogs so i grabbed some pictures from Instagram to show you.
And this is what my life was for about the last two weeks:
          ♥ Babysitting with my little brother  //  Sweet Sixteen Supriseparty for Anne
          ♥ Boring biologyclass  //  Beautiful Anne at her graduation prom
          ♥ My leg with bruises during a fieldhockeygame  //  Chilling in the headmasters office, badass...
          ♥ Throwback to last summer with my lovely friends  //  Getting ready for the game
Tell me, what did you do last two weeks?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red touch

Hello my dear readers! Today it's time for a new outfit of the day post. I'm wearing my new striped leggings, which a bought at the end of last month. I love them! There is only one disadvantage, i have to wear tights underneath because they are a little see-through, but i think i can live with that though. I am way to happy that i finally have them!
It was too hot to wear this jacket in class today so i only used it as a coat, but it makes this outfit complete. 

As you can see i am wearing my Dr. Martens, my new favorite shoes. ♥ They go with everything and really, those boots are made for walking! 
I bet you also have some pair of shoes you never want to take off. Tell me, what are your favorites?
Leggings  Clockhouse // Shirt  H&M // Jacket  Primark // Boots  Dr. Martens // Sunglasses  Rayban

Do you like this outfit?


Monday, April 22, 2013

Wishlist | Summer Look

It's getting hotter and the sun is shining brighter, almost summer! Well, that may be a little too optimistic but it does feel that way. And when it's summertime you need summerclothes, so i checked some of my favorite online shops to create awesome and affordable summeroutfits!

-Control yourself Sara, don't buy everything you like...-

Unfortunately, my good old Blackberry almost died today and i'm waiting for the moment he'll give up the ghost for good. Rest in peace darling, you were my solution for a lot of awkward and boring situations... 
Anyway, now i have to buy a new phone and i think it's gonna be an iPhone, so there won't be lot's of shopping money this month, yeaaaah can't wait! But hey, there is always an excuse for shopping right?

Skirt €14,95  //  Top €4,95  //  Shoes €19,95 //  Necklace €9,95

New Look
Top €11,99  //  Skirt €17,99  //  Belt (3 pack) €6,99  //  Necklace  €7,99  //  Shoes  €39,99

Top €20,11  //  Shorts €18,04  //    // Ring €6,80
Tell me, would you wear those outfits?


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At the gym

Hello there! Time for a sporty post today. Yeah that's right, i went to the gym! Manon, Leonie and i got a ticket for a (one time) free sporting at La Vita a few weeks ago, and we finally used it this afternoon.

When we arrived, we had actually no idea what to expect, but they were very kind and helped us making a good exercice to practise. We started our work-out in high spirits, let's do this!

My new sportswearm jeeej! I bought them at the beginning of this year, trying to find motivation to go running or to the gym. And today, it was the first time i wore them, the labels were still on it haha. You're bad Saar, very bad, because you're too lazy to keep your good intentions... But i'm gonna better one's life and go to the gym/running, i promise!

And we have to admit, after a 1,5 hour work-out you are feeling a lot better, as fit as a fiddle! Plus we are really motivated for another time, so who knows...

As you may know, i'm addicted to smoothies! There's nothing better than a fresh smoothie after a physical strain. I tried something new, the 'green smoothie'. Mine isn't really green and the picture makes it look even less green, but it actually was a light green one. Made of cucumber, banana, yoghurt and a little mint, yummie!
Are you a fanatic sports(wo)man or more a lazy one?

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hi! Hope you'all are having a nice weekend so far! Mine is pretty busy because i worked all day yesterday and we had a familie affair this morning. But now i'm finally home with nothing to do and, although it doens't seem so, the weather should be quite warm today. Hope the sun will shine soon because winter has been waaaay too long...Anyway, i made this outfitpictures a little while ago but hadn't time to post them. Since i'm shorthaired, i wear this hat a lot, it's so lovely and handy, especially when you have a bad hair day! The flowerleggings and bikerboots are actually my little sisters, so thanks for letting me borrow them sis! ♥ Mmm, i think i really like it that we can share our clothes sometimes...
Maybe your are questioning the old camera. Well, dad and i were collecting them for a long time (my dad started collecting when he was a little boy and re-invented it when i was expressing interest at the age of 8). Iknow haha, it sounds boring, but browsing at flea markets is actually really nice, you can find some awesome stuff sometimes for super low prices. Like this Polaroid, of one of the more than 50 other cameras we have. Most of them we found at a flea market, you just have to look carefully!
How are you going to spend the rest of your sunday? Relaxing in the sun or working hard? X


Friday, April 12, 2013


Yeah, i know it's a little too late to share my breakfast pictures with you. I mean, it's almost time for diner, but this wasn't a normal breakfast. Cause today, it's Manon's birthday! (say happy birthday to her HERE). She turned 17, happy birthday to my dreamteam soulmate!
We ate our breakfast at the HEMA restaurant, where you can have a nice breakfast for €1 (or a little more if you want some extras, like pancakes or orange jus). It's definitely recommended if you want to have a nice breakfast with friends before you go to school or whatever you're going to do.
I made my last exam this morning, F R E E D O M. Aaaah it feels so good! We had fieldhockey practice after school and it was raining so damn hard. We were totally soaked in like 5 minutes but we kept playing in the rain for 1,5 hours. Ha, we're such diehards.
Now i have finally time to watch Gossip Girl! I'm going to take a hot shower and cuddle up on the couch with my great love: series, yeaaah haha! 

Have a nice evening guys, what're you going to do?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

These days

Blog to Sara, where've you been? Well, i've been studying for my exams, but here's a little impression of my week so far!
Not only hard work but also some more funny things. Like eating. Or Ed Westwick and Gossip Girl. Or hanging out with Manon and Leonie. I've chosen the most normal pictures to show you, so you can probably imagine how weird the others are haha. We are undoubtedly the most charming people in the world! But the tompouces and strawberries where delicious though.
(The pictures of the mathbook and the chocolat bars are are made by Manon)

And studying with Manon makes it a lot more fun cause we've some weird sense of humor. We only have to look at each other and we can double up with laughter for the most stupid things. Aaah i love that feeling, there's nothing better than laughing until your stomach hurts! We also had a familydiner at a restaurant but i was soo tired of studying and stuff that i used my little brother as a pillow, poor boy. For one time, i love the terrible quality of my blackberry's camera so you can't see the bags under my eyes. The person who invented make-up is my hero!

Seven down, only one to go! Let's study for my English test and since it's not really my best subject, i think Ed Westwick have to wait for me a little longer... Ciao bella's! 

P.S: I added an instagram button to the sidebar so you can follow me now!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy week

Hey hey! How's your day going? I'm terribly busy with school cause i'm in the middle of my exam week which means my best friends right now are books, books and more books. And not a nice book to read. No, books filled with awful sums and conjugations, yay... This morning, Manon and i where studying together for our history test and we were actually pretty serious, which is almost impossible for us. And the test went well, so yeaaah, we can be proud at ourselves!
I'm going back to being killed by math, have a nice day guys! Kiss x
Baguette, chicken satay with peanut sauce and an apple, nomnomnom
Ok, i have to admit we also had some less serious moments during our studytime haha

Sweater  H&M // Trousers  Zara // Shoes  St✩rs // Jacket  Amisu

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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Wolves

Hi blog! I'm feeling a little better today, so i went to school for an hour to help with a teachers updating course. And then i realised it's been a while ago i posted an outfitpost, how terrible of me! But do not despair, here are some pictures of today's outfit. Aspirins and some make-up can perform miracles, so luckily, i don't look like someone just ran over me. At least, i hope so...

As you can see, i'm wearing my new Dr. Martens. They were delivered yesterday and i think i'm in love! So i bet you have to see many more outfits with them haha... Mom bought apple-cinnamon muffins at the market and believe me when i say that studying is way better to bear when you have muffins, lots of muffins! Mmmm, i think i have to rob the cookie can... Love x

Top  Pimkie // Jeans  H&M (destroyed it myself) // Shoes  Dr. Martens // Blazer  H&M


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Being sick sucks

Hey! Here's a message from me, lying on the couch, just chilling with my best friends aspirin and tea. Yeah that's right, i'm sick. I'm hardly ever sick and tests are coming up next week, so perfect timing... Now i'm spending my day sleeping, reading blogs, and i re-invented the Sims 2 haha. Such a nostalgic memory, it's been years ago i played it for the last time. Oh, and i'm enjoying myself reading this blogpost. It's about a fiftheen-year old boy who exposes "the Dutch largest teenageaccount on twitter" as a liar. Awesome! Read it, and help fight against stupid teenaccounts. Or let your timeline be filled with stupid, "heartbreaking and touchy" tweets. It's your choice... Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY | High Waisted Shorts

Hello Do It Yourself people! Here's a DIY tutorial, to make a high waisted shorts. It's very easy and it doesn't take that much time. Let me know if you succeeded!

What you need:
- High waisted jeans
- Sciccors
- Tape measure
- Pins

1. Take an old high waisted jeans. You can buy them at vintage stores like Episode or Zipper, but i bought mine at a flea market, which is way cheaper.
2. First measure how long you want the shorts to be. It's better to put the jeans on, so you can see what's the right lenght for you. Mark that place with a pin.

3. Cut the jeans on the place you've chosen (you have to take it off first, of course...).

4. Don't take the risk and cut the shorts a little longer then you want them to be, you can always make it shorter later. After you cut the first leg, fold the jeans in two and cut the other leg. Then crop them, on the length you want them to be.
5. Check if the legs have the same lenght. I chose to keep it simple, but you can ad studs or frays if you like.

6. Put the shorts in the washing machine, so the unfinished edges will raffle.

7. I found these little name tags a while ago. It turned out that my mother stitched them in my clothes when i was little. Aren't they cute?